The dog days are over…

So grateful to welcome in some cooler LA weather! I no longer have to be afraid to walk out of the house after 10am! That heatwave was relentless and I’m so grateful the fires weren’t more devastating.

I’ve caught some incredible music around LA of late particularly at the Hollywood Bowl, had some fantastic writing sessions and am planning an onslaught of new music over winter slash the Antipodean Summer! As much as I’ve just complained about the heat, I’ll be chasing the sun and heading over to Australia over the Summer months to enjoy Christmas by the beach and see the family.

Stay tuned for some exciting new music!



Seriously Australia!

Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and FREE! Just making my opinion known on Australia’s same sex marriage debate right now. Love is love, I stand for marriage equality and the freedom for people to choose who they love and how they commit to their partner. I stand with the LGBTI community, as I always have and all Australians deserve the same rights and the same choices. This subject makes me so angry! The law in Australia needs to change, plain and simple. GET IT TOGETHER AUSTRALIA!!!


G’day USA

Got amongst the G’day USA / APRA event last night for Miami Horror in Santa Monica. Amazing night with a bunch of amazing Aussies, made me homesick! Sending love to all my fam back home xxx


Get it!

Interview with Australia’s Get It Magazine out next month! Had a lovely chat about all that’s been going on and all that’s coming up. You can read it in the August issue 🙂