Sending you all love and light during these challenging times. It’s been such a roller coaster ride! An unprecedented, chaotic mess that is effecting everyone in a multitude of different ways. I feel for you all whatever you’re going through, whether you’re caring for loved ones, isolating alone or with family, or just trying to wrap your head around it all. 

I’ve found this time particularly challenging, it just feels like one blow after another, but I’m also focused on the silver linings. There’s been an outpouring of love, messages of concern, reconnecting with friends and a new wave of creation coming out in the arts. Music is finding fresh ears, artists are coming up with new ways to create and connect. I just finished a remote jam session project with musicians from all over the world 🙂 

I’ve been blessed to be able to surround myself with new music in my home studio and have started creating a project very close to my heart. It’s been therapy and an escape. I look forward to sharing it with you all very soon. If you haven’t already, please follow me on spotify, apple music, youtube or where ever you listen to music, so you can be the first to hear it!   


No voice no matter

Despite being ill, with no voice the week of the gig and having sound issues during the night, the energy of that place and sharing the Avalon Hollywood stage with the talented and super lovely Darude made it worthwhile. The infectious spirit of the electronic music family is what got me into this game. I love you guys!




I could not be more excited to be heading into a new year and a new decade! I’m back in LA putting the finishing touches on an album I’ve put my heart and soul into. It’s coming out early 2020 on A List Records via Universal Music. This album is an honest and sometimes raw account of really coming into myself as a woman, as a new mother and as an artist. I really appreciate your love and support on this journey. Every comment, email and message inspires me in this often lonely existence. I hear you and I thank you.


Screen SongHubs LA

Honored and excited to have been selected to participate in the APRA Screen SongHubs event in Los Angeles next month! Can’t wait to collaborate with fierce females like 2 x Grammy winning songwriter Shelly Pieken & multi Aria & APRA Award winner Megan Washington & incredible composers like Sia collaborator Jasper Leak, songwriter of the year Kyls Burtland and chart topper Nicky Night Time.